Guided Self Study

The ideal way to learn ADF on your own is through my guided self study course. You will proceed step by step through the material, watching a video and then doing one or more hands-on exercises. When you are done, you return your results in the form of actual ADF code, and receive feedback on your code and access to the next lesson. This cycle of watching, doing, and receiving feedback ensures optimal learning efficiency. Additionally, I’ll be gently nudging you forward if you get stuck or distracted.

Included in the package is a free one-year membership of the ADF Mastery forum (a $399 value) for asking general ADF questions as well as a private channel for questions on the hands-on exercises.

You also receive both of my ADF books either in physical form (shipping is included) or as an e-book.

You get the video lessons in your private video library with the ability to watch online or download and play offline on your iPad through my app.

Finally, you get 12 hands-on exercises that together make up a whole enterprise application implementing all the important parts of Oracle ADF. The topics are:

  1. My First ADF application
  2. Building business components
  3. Building task flows
  4. Building pages
  5. Formatting and layout
  6. Logic in the business layer
  7. Logic in the UI layer
  8. Page templates and ADF libraries
  9. Building an enterprise application
  10. Logging and debugging
  11. Applying ADF security
  12. Setting up a build process

The cost of the self-study package is $2995.

To quickly put your learning into practice in real-life projects, you can add personal mentoring with one month of unlimited e-mail access to me for any ADF-related questions, with a response time of 24 hours. This normally costs $1295, but if you buy it together with the self study package, you can get up to three months of mentoring at the special introduction price of $995 per month (a 20% saving).

To discuss your self-study options or purchase a self study package please send me an e-mail.