Classroom Training

My best customers have found immense value in having me on-site to teach and discuss ADF with the entire development team. I can only offer a limited number of in-person workshops each year, but feel free to send me an e-mail to hear if there is an opening available.

For a team new to ADF, I offer a three-day ADF Basics workshop. This covers the same material as the self-study course, but you’ll have me on hand to immediately add extra explanations, relate the content to your development challenges and answer any ADF questions you might have. Often, we add slightly to the standard curriculum depending on the specific requirements.

For teams who already have some ADF knowledge, I offer a three-day ADF Advanced workshop. This builds on the basic content and explains all the sophisticated ADF features you need to know to fully master Oracle ADF, as well as best practice for real-life enterprise application development. In order to qualify for the Advanced Workshop, all participants need to have completed the self-study course, attended the basic workshop, or have at least three months of project experience with Oracle ADF.

Finally, if you urgently need the skills to get started on an ADF project right away, I offer a five-day accelerated ADF training for no more than six people. With pre-work, five long and intense training days and one month of active ADF coaching, this is the absolute fastest way to get productive with Oracle ADF. I will actively be following up on your progress in the month after the workshop, making sure that you have the skills to meet the real-life needs of your project. In addition to the workshop and coaching, this package includes every other option I have (videos, example solutions to the hands-on exercises, the books and lifetime membership of the ADF Mastery forums).

The ADF Basics workshop costs $18,500 for up to six participants. Additional participants can be added for $3000 per person.

The ADF Advanced workshop costs $22,000 for up to six participants. Additional participants can be added for $3500 per person.

The exclusive accelerated ADF training costs $85,000 for up to six participants. Due to the intensive nature of this offering, additional participants are not possible. 

Travel costs are additional.