ADF Video Series

If you want to learn ADF on your own and want a bit more assistance than just some books and a learning plan, I also offer a series of video lessons.

There are 8 lessons of between 30 and 90 minutes duration that each explain some aspect of ADF development. The topics are:

  1. A simple ADF application
  2. Creating business services
  3. Creating task flows and pages
  4. Adding business logic
  5. Building enterprise applications
  6. Debugging ADF applications
  7. ADF security
  8. Build and deploy

You get access to the videos in your private video library, so you can always go back and watch it again later. You can even download them and play them offline on your iPad through my app. You can purchase the videos individually for $195 per video or for a better value buy the entire Video Package for $1395 (a 10% saving). When you buy the whole package, you also get a free one-year membership of the ADF Mastery forum (a $399 value) and a copy of one of my two ADF books. You can choose to receive the book either in physical form (shipping is included) or as an e-book.

You can buy the entire video package online, or you can drill into the package and buy the individual products in the bundle. To discuss whether the video series is right for you, you are welcome to send me an e-mail.