ADF Books

If you are the kind of person who likes to learn from books, I have written two on Oracle ADF:

If you sign up for my video series, you get one of my books of your choice in either electronic or paper form as you prefer. If you sign up for the guided self study package, you get both books, again in either electronic or paper form.

The Enterprise Application Development book discusses ADF architecture and how to successfully set up an ADF development project, including all the tools and skills you need for your team. The examples in the 2nd edition are updated to ADF 12c.

The ADF Essentials book is more of a beginner’s tutorial, taking you through all aspects of ADF development, from Business Components to task flows, pages, and¬†programming business logic. The examples are all based on a completely free technology stack with a MySQL database and the free ADF Essentials edition running on the open source GlassFish application server.