Success Factor: Framework Longevity

I just read an interesting article about  Longevity (or Lack Thereof) in JavaScript Frameworks, and Brian Moschel makes the same recommendations I make to my customers.

Mainly: You do not want to pick the tool that’s hot this year.

hot_js_frameworks(picture from blog above)

The reason is that choosing this year’s hot framework is an unnecessary leap of faith that places your project at risk. What happens if you choose wrong? You’ll watch your application fall behind the times, or worse still, completely fail.

You want a framework that has

  1. Been around for a few years
  2. Still being used and improved

That might not be what your developers are dreaming of, but it is the prudent way of deciding. If you are a development manager, you are being paid to provide successful software to the organization, not to boost your developers’ CVs with the latest buzzwords.